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Why Separation Might Be the Best Choice

A few couples opt to go through an official separation, which is an excellent option prior to entering into a divorce. Legal separation is similar to divorce, in that it is a written contract that outlines the rights and obligations of each person living separately. To hire a lawyer for filing your separation agreement visit

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The agreement details the distribution of assets and debts including child custody and supports visitation rights, as well as the right to alimony. Because the procedure is like a divorce, why would couples opt to separate instead?

Living apart the individual has time to examine their own thoughts and feelings regarding the relationship they have with their spouse. Legal separation can be beneficial in the sense that it provides rules similar to those which would be followed in divorce to ensure that both parties know what to expect should a divorce occur.

Couples who are not married can benefit from certain legal advantages of marriage, for example:

The reason for this is insurance. 

If you're covered by the insurance policy of your spouse and you are eligible, you could be able to retain your insurance benefits through your separation.

Benefits from Social Security. 

Certain social security benefits become effective at the end of ten years of a legally valid marriage. If a couple is getting close to 10 years of marriage, they can opt to divorce for the moment until they can claim their full benefits.

Tax benefits. 

Couples who are separated might benefit from continuing to pay taxes jointly instead of filing separate taxes.

Many divorces are driven by disagreements over financial issues. Separation can allow you control over your money while you consider the next steps.