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Tree Service Company – What You Need To Look For

Tree service might be able to help you remove a large branch from your tree. You can choose the tree that interests you. Trees are a favorite of many. You hate the branch. It is a safety hazard as high winds could blow it into your living-room window. What do you look for in a company?

We live in a sue-happy society. I would ensure that any tree service I hire has a general liability policy and worker's compensation. Minimum $1,000,000. This insurance policy is meant to protect both you and your family. You know that they are covered if you have to file a claim. You can also get more information about tree service companies from

You know that they will be covered if they damage your neighbor's property or cut the cable wires. Their work is dangerous because of the high heights they must climb to cut branches. Worker's compensation kicks in if a worker falls. 

They can also sue you if they don't have it or if they have a personal injury lawyer. Ask the owner if he and his employees have been licensed by the state apprenticeship program. Washington's apprenticeship license for "Power Line Clearance & Tree Trimming", requires 4,000 hours of classroom instruction and 144 hours of classroom work. 

This certification is required for anyone cutting your branches. This course teaches people safety and how to safely cut different tree types. Because this activity is extremely dangerous and difficult, you need people who can do it correctly.