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Treat Your Dental Implants By Experienced Dentist In Singapore

Dentists treat dental implants, they know very well where and how the implants are made, depending on the specific condition of the patient, the implant chosen, etc.

1. If a tooth is missing, one tooth and a crown are used

2. If some teeth are missing, dental implants are supported by bridges that replace them.

3. To replace entire teeth, they are replaced with full dentures with implants

4. Be careful after dental implants

Our own teeth need constant oral care and regular visits to the general dentistry. Dental implants also require care to keep them intact with natural teeth. Brushes, floss, and cleaners will also work for dental implants. Follow your dentist's instructions to keep your teeth healthy.

Follow the table of eating and drinking for the health of your teeth. Avoid hot drinks and food until the local anesthetic wears off. Try not to damage the implant area with your tongue and fingers, or avoid strenuous exercise.

If there is swelling or bruising during the treatment – put on an ice pack as this is normal after the treatment. If the pain and swelling persists, you should visit the dentist as this can lead to infection. If you receive a course of antibiotics after surgery, make sure you complete the course.

Cleaning the mouth is a necessary step after treatment. If you can keep the oral cavity as good as possible, the operation will be successful. These are simple tips for keeping your teeth and dental implants clean after surgery.