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Tips For Diabetic Foot Care In Baltimore

 Being diabetic can make you more susceptible to developing infections and sores of your feet as it affects the nerves' sensitivity. As part of your health check-ups, your doctor will typically examine your feet to check if there aren't any problems. They will also provide advice on diabetic foot treatment.

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diabetic foot care baltimore

Simple Tips for Foot Care

It is crucial that you keep your feet dry and clean. Cut your toenails in a short manner or by trimming your own or making frequent visits to a chiropodist. 

Any signs that your skin is dry or has athletes' feet should be treated with moisturisers as well as antifungal creams.

Foot Protection

While wearing footwear, socks must be worn to keep the shoes from getting soiled. The socks shouldn't be too tight and be free of the seams as well as elastic.

If you are looking for new footwear, make sure they are comfortable and do not touch your foot in any manner. The shoes must have enough space between the toes and pointed toes must be avoided. 


The presence of high levels of sugar within the bloodstream could result in nerve damage, so it is essential to exercise caution while bathing to avoid burning. Before getting into the tub, it will be essential to test temperatures of your water using your hands or your elbow. 

Diabetic Socks

There are socks specially designed which can help prevent sores and swelling, as well as nerve damage while increasing circulation. They do not have seams or elastics that could be rubbing against your feet and cause blisters. 

There are a variety of lotions and foot creams available in the market that can be utilized as part of your routine.