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The Importance of Business Continuity for Financial Services Firms

As a financial services company, your customers rely on your guidance to help them get the most out of their tax decisions. This relationship requires trust, which often builds up over time. What will happen if that trust is threatened?

In the financial industry, downtime can affect your ability to work – entire systems can fall victim to ransomware. The ability to provide ongoing service is critical to your reputation and livelihoods. You can browse online and look for managed IT services & support provided by reliable texas-based service professionals.

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Business continuity describes a complete solution for backup and disaster recovery. Business continuity goes a step further and gives you the ability to recover your data, which we call disaster recovery. Solutions that use hybrid cloud can also guarantee a faster recovery time. Why?

While you can take some precautions, such as: For example, backing up and securing your sensitive data is sometimes not enough. There's a common misconception that data is safe if it's backed up once a day. However, this outdated approach is no longer adequate for several reasons:

  • If you forget to back up or the backup process fails, you are not protected.
  • If you back up files only once a day, you're still prone to losing a day of work.
  • If you don't verify your backup file properly, you may be surprised when you actually try to use this file to restore your business operations.
  • If you only back up your files on-site, you could lose them without being able to respond to customer inquiries.