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Taking An Online Concealed Carry Class

Anyone who legally owns a gun in Rochester may wear it on their person as long as the place to be easily seen. To get a concealed carry permit, however, gun owners must obtain a confidential Carry Permit or CCW.

The applicant must first complete the 8-hour training course that is certified by the State of Rochester. There are many such programs registered with the State. The much larger gun club offers handgun carry license lessons on their own, as well as assistance with the necessary documents.

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Upon completion of the course, the applicant must submit information for background checks. A part of this involves a complete fingerprint card and giving it to the FBI to check against the national database. 

These cards should only be completed by a professional fingerprinter, never by you. County or the city police office provides these services on a variety of schedules.

This application must be completed within six months of taking the course. Applicants must be twenty one years or older, a NY citizen, have no felony or misdemeanor convictions, domestic violence conviction, not a fugitive from the law. 

It has not been dishonorably discharged by the armed forces. mental illness and abuse of illegal substances could also bar you from receiving a CCW.