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Yoga Can Help You Build Strength

Yoga is a strength-based exercise. Yoga uses your body weight to increase strength and tone. Yoga is not like other weight training programs that focus on specific movements. Yoga builds strength that you can use in everyday life.

If you are interested in learning yoga then you can enrol into an online course of concepts and techniques of pure yoga.

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However, here's a caveat: You must learn from a yoga teacher how to build strength through yoga. Yoga teacher training doesn't teach strength yoga. It is just now being integrated into the practice. You'll be able to understand yoga and how to make it more powerful after you read this article.

Yoga to Build Strength

Why isn't yoga well-known for its ability to build strength?

Flexibility is the first thing that gets most of the attention. The stretching aspect of the practice is often overlooked, much like other disciplines such as dance and gymnastics. In all three cases strength is the foundational principle. The strength of gymnasts, dancers, yogins and other athletes is amazing.

Alignment has been a key topic in the yoga community. Alignment refers to the idea that certain postures should be performed and look a particular way. This is why some yoga studios have mirrors to help students check their form.

Light on Yoga can be helpful in understanding the basic shape of the posture, but not the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics that give integrity.

In matters of integrity, strength and courage are essential.