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Enhance Your Eye Vision

Eye problems can be viewed from a traditional ophthalmic perspective. In many cases, your eyes or your lens are the problems. This way of thinking overlooks a whole new dimension.

What our eyes see is not the picture that we see. The mind interprets the vision of the eyes to create the picture we see. 

There are many perceptual filters that filter the information you see and what you see, such as the picture. Your brain can also make one picture from two that are seen by your eyes. Cross-eyed people would not be able to see any picture if only their eyes were responsible.

What is the point?

If you are suffering from an eye condition or problem, you need to understand that your mind is important. To check your vision you can get the eye vision test via  It is important to realize that your eyes filter out what you don't want.

This High-Tech Vision Test Could Make the World See 20/20

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You might find yourself unable to see details in your life due to missed opportunities or personal regrets.

You might be unable to see the future or you don't want to. This can lead to problems in your distant vision.

You will lose your ability to see these things every day if you don't take the time to learn how to handle them. These are the things you need to do to improve your vision, naturally.

Many people have the same problem with eye surgery. They often get the same problems just a few decades after their successful eye surgery. 

You must address the root cause of your vision problems to improve your ability to see clearly and live an independent life. It is important to identify the problem and address it.