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Covered Risks in Title Insurance in New Jersey

When a property is financed, purchased, or sold, a record of the transaction is typically kept in public records this is title insurance. In the same way, records are archived of other events that could affect the property. You can get the best title insurance quote at

When purchasing property insurance for your property, the real estate company checks these records to find and, if possible, fix various types of property problems. First, real estate companies seek public records to determine property ownership status. After this search, the insurance company determines the property that is insured.

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Covered Risks: The Company shall be obligated to pay any loss sustained or incurred by the Insured on the property

  • Title in the property being vested on the inception date of the Policy other than as specified.
  • Any defect in or lien on the title on the inception date of the Policy. This covered risk includes, but is not limited to, indemnification against loss resulting from a defect.
  • Failure of any person or entity to have authorized a transfer or conveyance.
  • A document affecting title that was not properly created, executed, witnessed, sealed, stamped.
  • Title-related documents with forged, expired, or invalid power of attorney.
  • Any documents relating to property rights that are not properly registered, recorded or indexed in the public register.
  • Improper judicial or administrative procedures.

The insurance company will pay fees, attorneys' fees, and expenses incurred in defending any issues covered by this policy, but only up to the amount specified in the terms.