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Somatic Psychotherapy And Its Benefits

Somatic therapy is a unique form of therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection to produce total change. Somatic therapy, which practices psychotherapy and physiotherapy, can help a person relieve stress that negatively impacts their physical and emotional well-being.

The theory behind this type of therapy is that past mental and emotional trauma interferes with our automatic nervous system (ANS). Licensed psychotherapy in Silicon Valley assumes that our bodies are attached to past trauma and often present later as physical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, physical pain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and immune system disorders.

somatic psychotherapy

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Who Can Benefit from Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy can help people who suffer from a variety of mental health problems including addiction, sadness, depression, stress, and anxiety. It can also help people recover from previous trauma and abuse, as well as people who are currently dealing with dysfunction and relationship problems.

Anyone who has not received effective traditional treatments for chronic physical pain, indigestion, and other chronic disorders can benefit from somatic therapy.

What to look for in a somatic therapist

You need to find someone who is licensed and experienced as a psychiatrist with advanced (and supervised) training in somatic therapy techniques. It's also important to find someone to discuss your problems.

What Is Counselling And Different Forms Of Therapy

Counseling services are effective because many problems solution is to take the time to talk about what is on your mind. Too often, the problems are bottled inside people because we do not want to be a burden to others or who exactly talk about the problems we face, particularly if there are deep problems of childhood.

The decision to go on the board is important and makes a lot of sense for many people. It is a safety problem unloading and talks them through with the help of a trained professional therapy and counseling services for women in Silicon Valley who may be able to help you see where the difficulties in your life are, and how to make positive changes for yourself.

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Too often, we suffer from a sense of negativity, risk behavior, and compulsion as a coping mechanism, or turn to drugs and alcohol. To fight against the common mental disorders, it is best to start by talking.

One of the main forms of counseling known as cognitive behavioral therapy, which uses a system of identifying current thoughts or behaviors that cause a negative reaction in a lifetime.

After this first step of classification, the therapist and the person in therapy can work collectively to develop an affirmative action plan that will help change these harmful actions or dysfunctional belief patterns and get back on the right path of life.

This is useful to work through stressful episodes of chronic depression past or fight, which often manifests itself in repetitive negative thoughts and unhealthy.