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Are Reusable Straws Good For Our Environment

Throughout the past couple of months, many significant restaurant chains are pulling on the usage of the plastic straws in a bid to become more eco-conscious. 

There's been a really large drive from activist groups, social networking, and politicians to create this shift by using environmentally friendly and reusable straws  and in reducing waste. You can get more information regarding reusable straws via

reusable straws

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Changing to a reusable stainless steel straw might appear a bit daunting but here are a number of reasons why you won't regret it.


Many plastic products discharge many tumultuous carcinogenic, poisonous chemicals when they're produced. These toxins are then released into our air contributing to global warming and climate change. 

SAFE for Children

Metal straws or stainless steel straw are really durable compared to other plastic options like paper or glass. Paper and glass are delicate and will get damaged easily. In case you've got young kids who are somewhat awkward with their utensils you won't need to be concerned about a metal blanket breaking or getting damaged.


Metal straws can  just fit about everywhere you go which makes them a fantastic solution for people which are constantly on the move. Simply pack the straw together with the cleansing brush and you're set to go on with your daily life as normal. 

Reusable metallic straws will last for ages if cared for properly. They also have the extra bonus of never interacting with the product you're consuming and they don't leach harmful chemicals to the human body or the environment.