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How Does The Small Steam Turbine Work?

The small steam turbine consists of rotating reduction, which works with steam pressure. Its design is prepared for extremely low steam flow. That is why microturbines are used in all industries. They meet the requirement for safety and high efficiency. You can get the repair services of steam turbine generator via

Use in industry

You can find the steam microturbines industry application for example in heating power plants, heat exchange stations, chemical plants, incineration plants, iron and steel works, or in the food industry for example sugar factories, breweries, etc.

The steam turbine values

The microturbines automatically reduce the steam pressure from high values to required lower values. This lower level of steam extraction corresponds to the electric output of the generator. The values are different according to a kind of small turbine.

Output and input

The maximum inlet steam pressure of the small microturbine can be for example 4, 6, or 9 MPa and the output is ranging between 0,6 to 2,5 MPa. The maximum inlet steam temperature is from 420 to 550°C. The maximum power output is for example up to 80 kW by simpler micro turbines and up to 5000 kW by more complex turbines.

The main advantages of these turbines are low costs for installation, service, and maintenance. There is minimum need for dimensions to install the steam turbine at your place. Also, the installation and also use of microturbines are very easy.