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Queue Management and Crowd Control Products

Whenever you hear about crowd management and controlling products your mind straight away goes to the stanchions and barriers. And why not, after all, stanchions and barriers have been the only products that can help solve any kind of crowd control issues. There are a variety of stanchions and barriers to use from. You can purchase them online by searching stanchions Vancouver at Alpha Crowd Control.

Besides stanchions and barriers, there are other crowd control products that people must know and use. Some of them are as:

Belt Posts- These types of posts are mainly seen at banks, institutes, malls, cash counters, etc. The main function of this kind of post is to maintain people in a proper queue and condemn a specific area. 

Double Belt Post- These posts will be majorly seen during events where children are invited. 

The main purpose of these kinds of posts is to prevent children from ducking underneath. 

Rope Post- The most attractive, elegant and classic looking stanchions. These ropes are mainly used to handle the crowd at red carpet events, VIP entries, any upscale business or some formal event.

Chain Post- When you are planning an outdoor event, you must install a chain post. Chain posts are heavily weighted and can easily bear weather conditions. 

Stand Alone Units- Full Frame Sign Holders installed on these stand-alone units are one of the best things to use to manage your crowds. These signboards deliver information in an interactive way where the message can be updated from time to time by just inserting the new sheet.