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How To Identify Damage To Your Roof By A Storm?

Has a hailstorm, strong winds, snow, or torrential rains recently hit your home? These types of storms can knock down trees and cause power outages, but they can also damage your roof. Follow the steps listed below to detect roof damage to warrant repair or replacement.

Signs of storm damage

Before calling a professional roofer to examine your roof, first assess any material damage from the ground. Here's what to look for:

  • Warped mailboxes, gutter downspouts, air conditioning units, and siding
  • Torn window screens
  • Broken tree branches
  • Roof shingles on the ground

If the recent storm caused this type of damage to your property, chances are your roof was damaged as well.

Attic inspection

If you notice poor attic insulation, rotten wood, or a potential roof leak, it means your attic is damaged. You might even see water spots on the ceiling or walls. If you also notice an uncomfortable or unstable temperature in your home, immediately call a roofing contractor to repair the attic and improve the comfort of your home.

Signs of water leak

If your roof has suffered damage, this will likely lead to cracks, decomposed paint along the frames, or dampness. Do not overlook these signs, as they are often not the immediately apparent eye. Take the necessary steps to resolve the issue before your building's roofing system is affected or mold appears. Entrust this task to a roofing expert. This company will provide you with the best solutions and carry out repairs in record time.

Check your tiled roof regularly

Tile roofs are often prone to breakage. This type of roof deteriorates easily when certain accidents occur, such as the crushing of a tree branch on the tiles. Also, after severe weather, the tiles can show significant damage. This is why we must pay particular attention to the various indices and periodically inspect the condition of this type of roof.

Stay safe by hiring a professional roofer

We do not recommend that you climb on your roof if you are not used to it. This kind of intervention could be life-threatening. Instead, contact a qualified and experienced roofer for a thorough assessment of any damage to your roofing system. If your roof is insured, then you should know how to claim insurance for storm damage to the roof.

These roofing experts offer professional inspections to determine storm damage and other glitches on your roof. They will give you their opinion on whether or not you should do a roof replacement. This inspection consists, for example, of checking the impacts of hail on the vent column, looking for missing, wrinkled, or poorly sealed shingles. They check the flashing for rust and loose fasteners. They inspect the chimney for leaks. Do not hesitate to contact a professional roofing contractor for fast and efficient intervention.