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Rodent Control In Melbourne: What Is It and What Should I Do About It?

Rodent control is the process by which rodent infestations are prevented or managed to minimise or eradicate them. Rodents are an issue in Melbourne, because of the increase in land and property developments throughout the city. This has been further fuelled by the periodic closures of the hospitality industry during recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a rodent issue, here is what you should do about it. 

If you have a rodent infestation, you should immediately resolve anything at your home that will be attracting them and keeping them there. Things like this include: 

  • Entryways: rodents can only make your home their home if they can get into it. Be sure to cover up any holes in walls, ceilings, decking, or floor spaces to prevent rodents from getting into your home. 

  • Food sources: pet food, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and compost are some examples of food sources for rodents. 

  • Water: Rodents, like all mammals, need water to survive. Eliminate pooling water or leaks. 

  • Contact a rodent control service.

image of a rodent

Rodent control services will identify how rodents have gained access to your home and where they are nesting. Furthermore, they will advise the best method of dealing with the infestation, and where this will need to be located. Prepare for conversations about traps and baiting. A good rodent control service will be able to discuss control methods that are efficient, humane, or environmentally friendly. 

rodent control in victoria

Rodent infestations in Melbourne are rampant with the increase in property development in the city. Some initial steps that can be taken include eliminating entryways into your home, reducing food and water sources, and engaging rodent control services.