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Get Effective Dental Treatment from Best Dentist in Portland

In most cases, your dentist will program a number of visits to complete the process of root canal treatment. Usually after an initial evaluation of your oral health, the dental practice assistant will schedule appointments and let you know the number of sessions that will be needed.

If the Dentist finds an abscess or an infection in the tooth, antibiotics are often prescribed and only after the disease is stemmed that the root canal procedure can start. In most cases, a local anesthesia is given before the procedure begins but if you've got a known allergy to anesthesia, then please inform the dental clinic.

• A dental x-ray is taken of the tooth and the entire tooth is visible and can be used as a reference.

• After the tooth becomes numb, a rubber dam is placed over your mouth. This shield is made from latex and keeps the tooth isolated from the saliva. It has to be extremely dry before the procedure starts.

• The dentist may use different chemicals to disinfect the tooth from both inside and outside. The installed latex dam will make sure that the chemicals don't enter your mouth.

• Another x-ray is required to ascertain the distance of the root and it is important that the entire root is removed to ensure that there are no infections and aches later on. To remove the whole root, all the nerve tissue from the tip of the tooth is removed.