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The Hidden Benefits Of Playgrounds For Children

The playground has always been a wonderful place where children practically forget themselves and enjoy every moment of seventh heaven. In addition to entertainment for children, playgrounds are also used to develop certain skills, including motor and social skills. What's even more amazing is the fact that playgrounds can tackle childhood obesity! You can also browse to get the best playground for children.

Many recreational activities on the playground improve coordination among children. Examples of these activities include running, bubbling, ball games, and many more. With movements such as swinging, crawling, sliding, climbing, jumping, pulling, and balancing, children can gradually improve their motor skills. It is also possible to develop social skills. For example, children who are playing on a swing with other children will interact with each other.

Playgrounds can also help fight obesity, as several studies have shown. A study by the RAND Corporation found that playgrounds and other sports activities that are easily accessible to children play a role in preventing obesity in children. 

However, many schools (especially those in slum areas) do not make these facilities accessible to children on weekends. The results showed that there was a relationship between the number of blocked sports activities and the number of children with a high body mass index (BMI).

The study showed that children living in districts with more “green space”, where playing in parks was the rule, gained 13% less weight over a two-year period than children living in places with fewer trees (i.e. having fewer gardens).