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About Healthcare Nursing Education

The priorities of the Nursing Health Care Foundation are to meet the medical requirements for the operating area targeting government and other practitioners. This is done by providing financial assistance to students who study the course through scholarships. 

It also extends subsidies to assist in the establishment, operation and equipment of medical centers for the best of the company. The general objective of this organization is to create a health awareness in these areas as well as the establishment of a competitive health system. You can check out the more continuing online medical education via

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Grants are given to establishments requiring help to supply and improve health facilities in a given area. Such a field can experience a small number of nurses and doctors who may not meet the needs of a growing monetary assistance population. 

Subsidies are also injected into marginalized areas that lack medical services in general. This help is also provided to finance improvised innovative models around demographic data of a certain population.

Another important thing about the Foundation of Health Care Nursing is that it provides scholarships to perpetuate advanced training for future nurses. The qualifications of these applications are examined by the Board of Directors and judged by merit. They are proposed on an annual basis, with exception to the temporal closure.