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Should I Have An Asbestos Inspection During A Real Estate Transaction?

Buying a new home can be a fun and difficult experience. The real estate transaction inspection period usually includes a general inspection of the home to assess the condition of the property. However, asbestos is often overlooked during these checks. You should always consider a professional like Rynos Group for asbestos testing or inspection. In this blog, we will discuss why asbestos testing is often not done during the home inspection stage and why this can be a good idea.

Home inspector versus asbestos inspector

During a typical home inspection, the inspector assesses the structure of the house, as well as the condition of the walls, plumbing, HVAC system and various other important components of the property. In some cases, based on their work experience, home inspectors may be able to identify suspicious materials containing asbestos in their reviews. However, most home inspectors are not trained and are licensed, asbestos inspectors.

Can I have an asbestos test during my examination period?

A separate asbestos test is possible, but there are some limitations. The property seller may not be allowed to collect certain asbestos samples during the inspection period. This is usually due to the fact that asbestos sampling can be a destructive process that involves sampling small amounts of the suspected material. Understandably, homeowners may not be willing to allow buyers to collect damaging materials without buying the property. 

However, there are often compromises. For example, a small piece of the wall could be cut behind an electrical contact plate that no one would see. Or maybe a sample can be collected from the ceiling in the cupboard.

Perhaps one reason the seller is unwilling to carry out an inspection is that a material suspected of containing asbestos found and exposed during the inspection could have a negative impact on the sale and the value of the property.