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Choosing an Interior Decorator in Nyc

As more and more people spend their time at home after a tiring day at work, they want their home to be a haven where they can return. Unfortunately, long commutes and long working hours make it nearly impossible for homeowners to start and finish work in a reasonable time, even when convenient.

Then you may want to consider the services of an interior designer. An interior designer will do the research and hard work for you. You still have to do some homework. Before hiring an interior designer, decide what to expect from a decorator in relation to your project and what you want the decorator to do for you. You may browse this site to hire interior designer in Nyc.

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When meeting with a decorator for advice, be aware of the following:

  1. Your budget. This is very important as it determines what resources are available for the decorator to meet your budget needs.
  2. Your style. If you don't know your style, use decorative books, magazines, and home catalogs that provide hints about the things you love. They can be a candle holder from one photo, a carpet, a clock, etc. This gives the decorator a visual idea of what you are looking for in your project.
  3. Color. When you hire an interior designer, you know you're getting paint. The question is what color. Get ready to know which colors you like and which you don't; this also applies to other family members.
  4. Room. Be prepared to tell the decorator what project space will be used for, if not as obvious as the kitchen. Who will use this space? What is the function of that room?
  5. Pets. If you have pets and they are not present during the consultation, let the decorator know that you have pets. This will help determine the type of fabric to use, especially if your pet usually has free access to your home.
  6. Photos. As noted earlier, photos should always be available to reflect the style you want or general preferences for furniture, fabrics or colors.