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Do You Know What Does Your Letterhead Paper Say About You?

Your business's presence is crucial to its success. It is easy for busy business owners, or small business owners, to get caught up in the rush of trying to do everything quickly. It is easy to lose potential clients if you don't keep up with other businesses. 

But just getting things done isn't always the best way of building a business or earning customers. Do you send proposals on high-quality letterhead paper?

Many business owners will claim that this is unnecessary and that so much of our communication is done electronically and by fax, that quality letterhead paper is an unnecessary expense.

What should you look out for in a quality paper?

Keep it Traditional

99.9% of all cases, it is best to stick to tradition when choosing the right stationery and letterhead papers for your business. You should choose ivory or white quality paper. Your business must show that it is a traditional business. 

This can be done by following established traditions such as using ivory or white stationary. You might be an innovative or cutting-edge company and want to break with tradition, but in 99.9% of cases, you should stick to white or ivory paper.

What about the Finish?

This matte is a personal choice, depending on the company that selected the paper. You can usually find professional-quality letterhead papers in a rough or smooth finish. 

It is up to you what your business needs are. A quality white paper with smooth edges is the best option. If your company is focused on website design or nature, you might send something with texture and a course finish.