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Improve The Performance of Your Hedge Trimmer

There are multiple reasons for wanting to achieve the best-looking hedge. Perhaps they can form a beautiful border, offer shade in the hot months, or they can transform your home into a private nest. Achieving an exceptional looking hedge manually can be tiresome and time-consuming. 

This is where a good quality hedge trimmer comes into play. With the right hedge trimmer, you can get your hedge looking trim and in shape. If you are looking for the right hedge trimmer visit

Getting the best performance out of your Hedge Trimmer

Like in the case of any cutting tool to ensure your hedge trimmer works at peak performance it is crucial to keep it sharp and clean. Blunt and dirty blades can become stuck on account of the debris stuck between blades, and the trimmer will not cut the leafy shrubs properly. So, go for blades made of high carbon steel. 

hedge trimmers

Sharpen the blades regularly after about every 50 hours of operation to maintain cutting performance. Do not wait until they show serious signs of weathering. An electrical rotary tool or a file can be used to sharpen the blades.

Spraying Stihl Multi Spray on the blades before and after use will help keep the blades running smoothly by stopping resin from sticking to the blades and protecting them against corrosion. Remove any sap, resin residue, and dirt from the blades before you start sharpening. This kind of scum will damage your file.

The file should not come in contact with the integrated cut protection or the orange plastic cut protection if you are using a professional hedge trimmer. Sharpen using a flat-file, ensuring that the upper and lower blades come together at the same position which will simplify the filing process. And always file in the direction of the cutting edge which will guarantee an optimum cutting edge

Remove burrs from the bottom of the blade with a sharpening stone. After the blade has been honed, clean the blades again to clean away any metal filings. Then spray the blades with resin-free spray to prevent the steel blades from rusting.