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Different Levels Of Food Safety Course

An online food safety course that meets all legal training requirements and is accredited by a leading provider of regulated food safety qualifications. e-learning offers online food safety/hygiene training courses accredited by leading providers of regulated food safety qualifications.

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What level of training do I need?

Food companies are legally obligated to ensure that their employees are trained "for their jobs". The level of training required depends on the activities and responsibilities of each employee. Below is a guide to the rule of thumb:

Food Safety Level 1 – Suitable for traders who are not directly involved in handling high-risk foods. You may engage inside activities such as cleaning or serving food, preparing low-risk meals, or simply working with prepackaged or packaged foods.

Level 2 Food Safety – Previously known as the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, Level 2 Food Safety Training is the appropriate level for food processors such as catering companies involved in the preparation and manufacture of high-risk foods.

Level 3 Food Safety – This level of training is suitable for supervisors and managers who are responsible for other people working with food within the company.

Once you have completed the relevant online training courses on food safety and can apply the knowledge you gain while working as a food handler, you must meet the legally required training standards.