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Leveraging Facilitation Skills To Benefit A Company

According to a recent study, employees spend six to twenty hours a week in meetings. The majority of employees in the same study believed that these meetings were unproductive. Business owners cannot waste time and resources on unproductive meetings.

Therefore, it is a good idea for business owners to seek out a professional with facilitation skills. These effective facilitators provide meeting training that enables companies to make these conferences more productive.

facilitation skills training

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The bottom line is that less time is spent talking and more time at work. The rest of this article discusses what makes these suggestions so effective.

“Facilitation Skills” is the term used to describe the skills needed to successfully design and conduct effective business meetings. The moderator is the person who participates in the meeting like a traditional secretary.

However, they have additional responsibilities that allow them to achieve maximum productivity. If this person is involved outside the company, he or she will consult with customers to identify needs and goals. This person can also inquire about previous meetings to determine why he or she did not complete the work.

The person will then use this knowledge to design and organize meeting details, and may even meet with group members to better understand personality and dynamics.

The specialist then sets an agenda that he will use throughout the meeting to make sure everything goes well. During the meeting, the facilitator makes sure everyone has a chance to talk and can use tactics such as ice-breaking games to encourage shy people to leave their shells.