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Enclosed Trailer Or Enclosed Auto Transport

Closed vehicle is a type of road transportation that protects the car through the use of high-end vehicles. This option is great for exotic, classic, or luxury cars. A closed carrier can only pick up a few vehicles at a time, in most cases up to 7 cars.

Enclosed auto transport is not as cheap as open car delivery, which is the most popular means of road delivery. Choosing the enclosed shipping option will be more expensive and you should also consider availability.

covered car transport

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The lower availability of closed carriers also affects prices due to supply and demand. Due to lower availability, you may need to choose a longer pick-up time.


-The attached option is the safest way to send the car while driving.

-Your car will be treated VIP by transporters who are specially trained to handle very valuable vehicles

-Complete coverage on the trailer with full insurance coverage.

-Delivery times are fast as fewer cars are loaded into the transporter compared to ordinary open car shuttles.

Reasons for Choosing the Right Road Transportation Company

You can find road transport companies easily, but you need to find out which company will entrust your car. It's not easy to rely on strangers to tow your vehicle or motorbike. However, you may want to consider factors other than price when choosing the right delivery service for your needs.