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EBR software: How to keep track of your manufacturing batch record

Making sure each manufacturing batch record meets regulatory requirements is a challenging task. This is because, in today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, production runs are shorter, product complexity is increasing and quality expectations are greater.

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Basics of EBR: What Are Electronic Batch Records?

Manufacturing teams are under significant pressure to keep track of manufacturing batch record generation and much more. Relying on manual or hybrid systems can be time-consuming when there are:

  • Frequent product changeovers
  • An increasing number of batches
  • A changing number of employees

Key industry challenges: EBR pharma & keeping track of your manufacturing batch record

Industry estimates state that 5-15% of data entries include errors

  • Batch release reviews can occur days or even weeks after the data was inputted
  • Teams are under significant pressure to find all data and explain what occurred across different shifts
  • How can EBR pharma software meet today’s industry challenges?
  • Our EBR software has transformed life science manufacturing. Our clients have seen:
  • Data entry times reduced by 40-80%
  • Release times accelerated by 50-80%
  • Improved ability to keep track of manufacturing

EBR software for life sciences: What are the benefits of pharmaceutical electronic batch record systems?

At every stage of the manufacturing process, solutions like Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition EBR have demonstrated the differences that EBR software can make to keeping track of and accelerating manufacturing operations.