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Dungeons And Dragons Backgrounds And How to Customize a Background

The game is interesting because of its versatility, which mainly focuses on mythical creatures and kingdoms. Players can let their imagination run wild and avoid DM tasks or challenges.

There's a lot about players and DMs that take a fair amount of time and effort to understand the dynamics and rules of the game, and there's a basic player guide and dungeon guide to understand the basics of the game. You can also learn more about dungeons and dragons games via

Here we limit our discussion to the background of the game. BG is a backstory about the player character. The character that the player must have experience and because the background allows a better understanding of the character; For example, what was your character before he went on an adventure?

Gives an overview and hints about the hero and his past, what is he like? How do you get into an adventure? How did he arrange all the things needed for an adventure? Is he good with some tools? And many other topics, such as those in the background, help us understand our character better.

Many things are included in the background examples mentioned in the player manual. It has a full description of each that describes the background. And then came the skills of a hero; This includes character skills. Sign language, features and recommended features.

Each background has a full description and not only that, but also skills, language and equipment are explained in the title of each background.