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Things To Remember While Donating Cars To Charity

Donating a car to charity is a fun and rewarding move for those in need. You do little to serve humanity. If you have a plan to donate a car to charity, always do it step by step and follow the steps below carefully:

1. Avoid Middlemen.

Some intermediary organizations run their advertisements to attract more car donors and then mislead them. They claim to be too big to be believed. You can also stay connected with many organizations to take part in charity donations.

The real thing about these brokerage organizations is that they keep around 50 to 905 of the value and money of the car with them and donate a small portion to charity.

If you want to avoid this loss, contact the charity directly and ask for a car donation from them and ask for it properly.

2. Find A Worthy Charity.

If the charity you normally support doesn't accept car donations, you'll need to do some homework and take the time to appear friendly and reliable. Find a reputable charity and keep a record of them online either through the Better Business Bureau website or through the Charity Navigator.

3. Check The Math.

Often you tend to use a brokerage firm to donate a car, perhaps because you're running out of time, and then count. At least ask the organization how much they will pay the charity to sell donated cars.

4. Do The Delivery Yourself.

After identifying the charity, it is recommended that you return the car to the charity at your own risk as this will greatly increase the benefits of your donation.