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Dog Grooming Services for Healthy Doggies

 Spring is finally here! Furry friends and their owners are flocking to dog grooming services for a spring trim and dog bath that is intended to leave pets clean and comfortable for the coming summer season. For most owners, visits to dog care services are the steps needed to ensure a healthy spring season; however, some dog owners feel that the work of a professional dog groomer isn't necessary to achieve this end. Every home can have dog shampoo and a hose, right?

The truth is that this is a vast understatement of the services achieved by a dog grooming service. While dog bathing is quite important and can be a way to keep a loved pet feeling comfortable in between professional dog bathing appointments, the benefits of professional grooming services go far beyond a simply cleaner coat. Dog grooming will make a pet clean, comfortable, and provide a much-needed health check during the spring.


Mangy, Ratty's hair is equally uncomfortable for dogs as it is for humans. More so in fact, since a dog's fur mats and holds dead skin for insulation during the winter. Loosen the fur and clear up the clumping so that a dog can feel comfortable and well ventilated for the incoming high temperatures. A dog's nails must be clipped regularly and professionally, as they could lead to soreness, bleeding, and infection if cut too short.


Most dog owners don't want to admit that their best friend is a problem in the household. However, it's okay to be honest. This is a safe room. Especially for larger breeds, summer shedding can be ridiculous. Also, furrier breeds tend to mat and create dead skin and dander from the sun. Getting trim and washing dead skin from professional groomers will keep your dog cleaner and prevent the dirty smell of dead skin.