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How To Choose Boarding Kennels For Your Dog in Chapel Hill

Summer is fast approaching, holidays are eagerly being booked and for many that means finding suitable arrangements for pets. Having peace of mind that your animal is being well cared for whilst you are away will ensure that you are really able to relax.

Dog boarding in Chapel Hill is the preferable way to have your dog cared for whilst you are away as it entails a one to one type of care in a home from home environment. Your dog will stay in a carer's home getting individual care and being treated like one of the family.


The advantages of Home Boarding for your dog as opposed to using Boarding Kennels are obvious- not least that your dog won't have to be confined, nor will he suffer from kennel stress. A home environment is cleaner and healthier than a kennel and there is far less chance of your dog contracting kennel cough or other dog to dog transmissible diseases.

However, Home Boarders fill up quickly and for many the summer is already fully booked. This may mean choosing a boarding kennel instead; through this article, we hope to guide you through this process. Further information on pet boarding of all kinds can be found on

A boarding kennel environment is very different to your home and factors such as: lots of dogs barking, unfamiliar smells, lack of human contact and a change of routine/lack of exercise and stimulation could potentially mean a stressful experience for your dog.

From an animal welfare perspective, it is important to be aware that it is impossible for most boarding kennels to provide a suitable environment for all dogs. Very young or elderly dogs, nervous or timid dogs, dogs on medication or with disabilities (deafness, blindness, or physical disabilities), or very active dogs will not cope well with most kennel environments and it is recommended by dog welfare organisations that other types of boarding are sought for these dogs