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Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Delivery of vehicles with the help of Ocean Transporter involves many complications because sometimes disputes occur between customers and companies. In such situations, customers must know their choices to make settlements with automatic senders.

If you think your vehicle is wrong when it is being transported, you must immediately contact the company to report your problem. First, try to solve a direct problem with the company. Most companies have managed to find a decent solution because professional automatic operators cannot carry out legal proceedings against them. You can get more details about alternative dispute resolution from

However, if it doesn't work, you have to contact the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) instead of taking him to court. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) ratifies and controls US sea transportation. In addition, it offers a variety of dispute solutions that can be accepted for both parties.

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To resolve your dispute with Ocean Transporter, you must contact FMC and choose alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR Judges offer a number of solutions to find satisfying solutions together.

The following are some of the advantages:

1. ADR jurisdiction functions as a third party independent, neutral, and does not side with resolving conflict.

2. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has the right to implement jurisdictional decisions.

3. This service fee is less than the cost of taking the company to court.

4. The cost of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has no fees for ADR activities if this material remains unresolved. However, most of the two parties agreed to decisions made by jurisdiction.