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Professional Commercial Recycling Company In Perth

A professional commercial recycling company will recycle:

• Paper – Paper is one of the most common types of waste generated by businesses and is very easy to recycle. The process can be as simple as putting in a special bin that your commercial recycling provider will dispose of and reuse.

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• Electricity – A good commercial recycling company will remove all of your old electrical equipment, including computers, printers, monitors, machines, and servers.

These elements are reused whenever possible or useful materials are recovered according to the WEEE (Electronic Waste and Electrical Equipment) directive. The WEEE recycling company ensures maximum safety at all times when recycling devices.

• Food Waste – Opportunities to recycle food waste have increased dramatically in recent years. Now most food can be recycled very efficiently, reducing your company's carbon footprint along the way.

Batteries – In recent years, EU regulations have been put in place to determine how companies should recycle their batteries. Good recycling companies handle this process on your behalf and ensure that potentially hazardous materials in batteries don't end up in landfills.

• Confidential Documents – Customer and customer information, as well as other company documents, may fall within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998.

In this case, it is a legal requirement that these documents be properly disposed of and processed. Full service recycling companies offer safe crushing services that ensure maximum safety at all times.