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What Is CSF Antibody?

CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid. It is transparent, non-colored fluid that is found in the spinal cord and brain. The spinal cord and brain form your central nervous system. The central nervous system regulates and coordinates your actions such as muscle movement, organ function, as well as even planning and thinking.

IgG is an abbreviation for immunoglobulin G which is a kind of antibody. Antibodies are the proteins created in the immune system in order to fight bacteria, viruses as well as other harmful substances. The CSF IgG index is a measure of the amount of IgG in the cerebrospinal fluid. You can visit the site to buy CSF antibody kits.

The presence of high levels of IgG could indicate that you suffer from an auto-immune disorder. An autoimmune condition can cause your body's immune system to fight healthy tissues, cells or organs due to a mistake. These diseases can cause serious health issues. The CSF IgG index is used to detect conditions that affect the nervous system's central. It is commonly used to aid in diagnosing MS. 

MS is an autoimmune disease that is a problem for the nervous system of the heart. A lot of people suffering from MS have debilitating symptoms such as extreme weakness, fatigue, trouble walking, and problems with vision. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is an uncolored, clear liquid located within your spinal cord and brain. 

The spinal cord and the brain are the central nerve system. The central nervous system regulates and coordinates all your activities including the movement of your muscles, organ functions and even sophisticated decision-making and plan making.