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Alternative Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease?

According to most LLDs, antibiotics are the safest way to cure Lyme disease, whether it's chronic or not.

Antibiotics cannot be considered a treatment for a variety of reasons, along with the dangers of long-term use of antibiotics that have forced the market and medical science to look for other solutions; but it also opens the door to a creative process that otherwise can be ignored altogether.

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The irony of many of these alternative treatments is that they can be more dangerous than long-term antibiotics. But the hopelessness that most of us feel year after year without the energy to function as normal people drives us to take more and more risks to get our lives back.

The Rife machine is named after a scientist who lived around the turn of the century and who developed a device that allowed the use of noise to exert a destructive effect on various pathogens.

Various microorganisms have special tolerances for emission frequencies and can be destroyed if the frequency is high enough. Rife machines are tuned to different frequencies to specifically target the type of pathogen affecting the patient.

Frequency generator

Rife Machine is basically a frequency instrument. While the theory of the destruction of pathogens by certain resonant frequencies is correct, there are certainly factors that lie beyond the scope and limits of the technology.