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Cool Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

It seems like a simple cookie-cutter would only be used to cut cookies. But if you have a drawer or basket full of unique shapes, don't leave them behind for just one day. 

You can use Viwi’s cutters from Viwi’s corner for decorating or crafting projects with children. There are many great ways to use your cookie year-round.

Best Grandpa Box Viwi's Corner

1. Your favorite dishes can be used to decorate your kitchen. For a rustic and down-home feel, you can mount them to the wall on a pattern or display them on a plate rail. A thin strand or twine of wire can be used to suspend one or more in each window. Slip a cookie cutter on each tie back if you have curtains in the kitchen. You can use multiple cookie cutters to replace your current knobs in your kitchen cabinets if you are handy with tools.

2. Make a shadow box to give to your favorite chef. Include a favorite recipe in a beautiful script, a small cookie, and any other items you like. This is a great housewarming gift for someone who enjoys baking.

3. You have many options when it comes to using cookie cutters creatively during the holidays. Attach a cookie cutter to each gift instead of using a gift tag. You could choose an apple cookie cutter to give your child's teacher, or a megaphone to your cheerleader daughter, and a favorite cartoon for your son.

Give a gift of cookies this holiday season by adding a personal touch. Wrap the cookies in cellophane, tie them with a bright ribbon, or wrap them in a bow. A card with the recipe for the cookies should be attached to the package.