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Beginners Guide For Keeping Chickens

Chickens have been domesticated throughout most of human history and remain the backbone of many households, farms, and even urban family homes around the world. They fit naturally into people's lives. 

They can raise chickens for their eggs, but they also make excellent pets and companions. You can also check for the best companion mock chicken via the web.

Where to Buy Companion Products

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Chickens are practical pets that make a lot of sense. However, for all the good and the history that chickens have with humans, they need care. While this may not seem like a chore for someone new, you need to understand that chickens need it.

Here are the basics of chicken care that every new chicken owner needs to know and understand before they start raising chickens:


The first thing to consider is how you will coop your chickens. Chickens need to live in a safe environment designed and built specifically for them. 

The chicken coop must have several functions. They must be able to protect their chickens from bad weather, because rain and cold are the two main enemies of chickens, as heat in some areas.

Ventilation is a difficult problem to solve – and many confuse a lack of air with good ventilation. Good ventilation means that the hot and humid air naturally generated in the cage by the birds and their droppings can easily escape from the cage.

After all, the chicken coop must be protected from predators. There are all kinds of predators who want to eat chickens – from raccoons to eagles.