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Tips- How To Quality Assure For eLearning

There are a variety of ways to add a social learning twist to your eLearning initiatives. The same can be said about collecting learners’ feedback and offering online support. However, there is a single asset that can take care of all of the above; using blogs in eLearning.

Check the audio. For some users, it is a real benefit to have audio playing when completing a course, although this can create an added layer to the QA process. 

Think about these things in Clinical eLearning Management Systems:

  • Has the right audio file been inserted for the right screen?

  • Is the quality of the recording good enough? Are there interruptions or sound disturbances?

  • Does the audio play correctly from the beginning to the end of the file?

  • Is the audio correctly synchronized with whatever is happening on screen?

  • Does the audio still play even if the user is reloading the page/clicking on popups etc.?

Remember that checking for functionality, text, and audio issues all at the same time could be a recipe for disaster!

Check functionality works using different browsers and devices. It’s important to make sure that your course works in different Internet browsers and devices, to avoid possible user issues once released. You may want to check on:

  • Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari. Remember that different versions of the same browser may produce different results!

  • Laptop 

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone

Limit what you’re checking for. Try not to look out for too many things at once. It’s likely that something will be missed if you do.

Be aware of your client’s expectations – Do they have guidelines that you need to follow?

If your client has a Style Guide or a set of rules for the way they want their course to be presented, make sure that you have this with you when you check the course. This will save time if you want to confirm how something should look.