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How to Reprogram Your Voice To Be Effective in Business and Sales

The reason you are going from a low pitch to a high pitch throughout the 3-word sentence is that you are asking a question and inviting a response. One always goes up in pitch at the end of a sentence that asks a question.

For the past several years many have been in very challenging economic times and it is very easy to fall into the "victim response" and to sound flat, frustrated, depressed, and even angry without consciously realizing it. You can also use voice analytics tools at

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I believe that none of us survive alone and that together we can create a world that supports all life including the earth itself. I also feel that if we believe we can create the world we want, we need to start sounding like it.

We can begin by consistently sounding energetic, confident, caring, and persuasive when speaking. For me, this is the sound of hope, the sound that moves another person to feel better about themself. "Yes, we can" needs to sound consistently powerful, caring, and confident.

The subconscious programs such as walking, eating, speaking, etc. function outside the conscious mind and therefore they are making our everyday decisions without us even noticing. 

These subconscious programs originate from our parents, family, and community and often are limiting and many times disempowering. The good news is that the subconscious programs can be rewritten by the conscious mind putting you back in control.