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All About High Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) isn't new, but promoting it in a home workout program is. Chalene Johnson, the founder of TurboFire, says one of the reasons she created a new home workout program was because she wanted a fitness system that had the advantages of intensity interval training. 

What exactly is high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?

High-intensity interval training, sprint interval training, or regular interval training has been a technique with a fantastic name since the 1930s. You can also hire intensity interval training via

Interval Training

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The interval training method developed by Gerschler is different from the methods most commonly used today. The method they perfected was based on heart rates, not time intervals. 

Gerschler forces runners to perform short sprints of 100 meters or more to reach a heart rate of 180 beats per minute (bpm). The heart rate is then monitored and once it drops to 120, the next sprint is performed. 

If the heart rate remains high above 120 for more than 90 seconds, the intensity or length of the sprint will decrease. Athletes who have trained with the Gerschler interval training system have had tremendous success.

High-intensity interval training today

Modern HIIT practitioners follow the principles developed by Gerschler and Reindel but have refined them by incorporating some stationary aerobic exercise during the recovery period.

It's important to note that in this study, the researchers adjusted for energy costs — in other words, they compared the effectiveness of fat loss from exercise, not total fat loss. The actual difference in fat loss is threefold.