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What Are The Most Common Blockages To Storm Water Drains?

Storm water drains are responsible for carrying away rainwater and run into the nearest body of water. These drains are highly vulnerable to blockages that can cause flooding and unsanitary issues in a home or business. With this information, you're better equipped to understand what causes these blockages and how you can avoid them from happening.

Storm drains are important for any town or city's drainage system. Without storm water drainage, the town would be flooded with water within a few days. For blocked stormwater drains services, you can visit this site –

Storm drains have a number of functions:

  • The first is to direct the water from rain and snow away from the roadways and into bodies of water. 

  • The second is to drain excess water during heavy rainfall or snowfall. 

  • The third function is to carry excess water away from bodies of water so it does not cause flooding of nearby areas. 

Storm drains eventually lead to streams, rivers and lakes which act as a final drainage system for the town. This whole system can fail when the storm drains are blocked, causing flooding in the street or basement.

There are a number of different causes for storm drain blockages. Chemical spills can lead to erosion and blockages that cause flooding in your home or business. The action of heavy vehicles in your street can also lead to blockages that cause flooding in your basement.