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What Major Health Risks Asbestos Can Cause?

 testing in Newcastle asbestos

Asbestos is dangerous and chances are that you know that well. Since it's banned, you might not be using any material containing those fibres today. But buildings constructed way back in time used them. Do you know what health issues were detected that led to its ban?

Here, we will discuss the top three medical risks that asbestos can cause if you are exposed to it.


It is malignant cancer that has a unique association with asbestos fibres. On inhalation of asbestos, mesothelioma tumours grow on the linings of the heart, abdomen, and lungs. Patients suffering from this cancer are observed to have a high mortality rate. Post diagnosis, a mesothelioma patient lives for approximately 12 months only.


Scarring and chronic inflammation that happens inside the lungs, asbestosis results from inhaling asbestos. Symptoms of this disease can start from chest pain, cough, and shortness of breath. It can cause serious lung complications as well as cancer. People working with or around asbestos are more prone to this risk. Although asbestosis isn’t deadly, the situation worsens with higher exposure to and consumption of asbestos fibres.

Lung Cancer

Smoking is considered to be one of the top enemies of lung problems like cancer. However, if you inhale asbestos fibres, your chances of getting lung cancer rise significantly. The health issue is closely related to asbestosis. And most people dying of asbestosis are found to be suffering from lung cancer.

And that’s not the end of the list. You might also suffer from less deadly health problems after contracting asbestos. That’s why it is recommended to go for asbestos testing in Newcastle before buying, renovating, or demolishing an old building.