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Some Useful Tips In Adjusting Your Ergonomic Office Chair

A professional needs a comfy seat, particularly those who work for more than eight hours per day. With the aid of an ergonomic chair for office use, you will be able to work more efficiently in a more relaxed way.

These chairs also help employees lessen the strain on their legs, backs shoulders, neck, and back. You can also contact to buy ergonomic office chairs in Singapore.

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The following are some helpful tips in adjusting your ergonomic chairs:

1. Seat and Arm Height

Make sure your feet are flat on the floor or footrest when you adjust your seat height. You will have circulation problems in your legs when your feet are not touching the floor. In case you cannot reach the desk or computer keyboard while keeping your feet flat on the floor, then you must adjust the desk.

If the arm height is too low, your shoulders and upper back will be prone to pressure. Try to get used to slightly higher arms. If you still feel uncomfortable with it, this can be a sign that they should be a bit lower.

2. Tilt Tension and Tilt Range

Tilt tension is the feature that controls the tightness or looseness of the chair's reclining mechanism. If it is too loose, the chair reclines without much pressure. This setting may force you to lean forward in your seat. 

Tilt range or tilt limiter helps you control how far your ergonomic office chair can recline. You must set the tilt range at the minimum setting in case you want to stay upright.