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Importance Of 3D Ultrasound

You are a happy mother-to-be and can't wait to see your baby. The only way to do this now is with an ultrasound. You can do a standard 2D ultrasound which shows your baby white and back, or you can find a new 3D/4D technology that will be of use to you.

With 3D ultrasound technology, you can see three-dimensional images of your fruits like in a 3D movie. You can also look for the best 3D ultrasound in Chicago IL via

Three-dimensional (3D

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3D ultrasound was created to prevent fetal abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy. But 3D ultrasound is also popular nowadays, which allows mothers-to-be to see their babies in a real projection even before they are born.

Advances in 3D ultrasound technology now allow parents, family and friends to watch the unborn baby move inside the womb with incredible clarity in real time.

The 3D ultrasound image is displayed on a large screen and accompanied by the sound of the baby's heartbeat. Parents-to-be receive 3D souvenir photos and DVDs that will immortalize their baby's ultrasound forever.

After 32 weeks it is almost impossible to get a 3D image of the fetus because the baby is bigger, has less space and therefore more difficult to get a good picture.

The risks of 3D ultrasound are the same as 2D because the same ultrasound waves are used with the same intensity. 3D ultrasound images are 2D ultrasound images taken from different angles to give the baby a real-life look.