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Smart Poles: For Smart City Infrastructure

Old technologies are being converted into new ones. Gone are the days of phone calls after cellphones were introduced. With further megacities getting “ smart” we will see further deployments of smart poles, replacing the old beacon posts. In this blog, Jan Honig explains the benefits of settling further smart poles and what they will be used for. 


 The geography in towns is changing swiftly. They’re challenged with issues around the following details 

  •  Lighting 
  •  Transportation 
  •  Parking 
  •  Safety and security 
  •  Waste operation 
  • The ambient 


 All feathers of benefits come with the use of LEDs similar to energy/ cost savings and longer dates. Exit the phonebooths and light poles and enter the smart pole where the functionality of a streetlight ( producing light) will remain but other functions will be added to the pole. Please contact your LIGMAN dealer for the best deal on smart poles.

 A smart pole is slowly being introduced to our cities to be used for communication purposes. In the not-to-distant future, 90 of the outfit loaded on or in these smart poles will be communication-related. The remaining 10 might be used by the lighting. The communication conditions for a smart pole will cover some of the ensuing basics 

  •  Security technology 
  •  Networking technology 
  •  Power technology 
  •  Communication technology 

IoT technology 

 The question regarding the smart poles will be the holder of the architecture. At times this structure was possessed by the original government. This meant high costs for the megacity. With huge investments to come and replacing standard lights with LEDs, the original government is looking for a different business case. Investors are agitating the possibility of smart poles as a service with megacity officers. The idea is that these investors will buy the current pole structure from the original government and lease it back. For any future added services, a profit-sharing model will be agreed upon. This way the smart pole becomes a profit-generating vehicle for the megacity.