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Reviewing The Real Estate Regulation In Vietnam

The sun, sceneries, and culture are among those that attract millions of people to discover Indonesia.

Whether it is for holidays, employment, long-term residency, starting a business in Indonesia is always among the first countries to be discovered. To know about vietnam company registration you can visit

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So many foreigners are eager to know, is it really possible to own a piece of land in Indonesia? Would it be possible for foreigners to search for an Indonesia real estate for sale? Let's discover by reading the rest of this article.

The real estate Law of Indonesia is under the Agrarian Law of the country. There is a specific policy that is clearly stipulated in that law. The ownership or having the right purchase of a private limited company is an exclusive right that Indonesian citizens have.

However, it is possible to build a property but the owner must remain of an Indonesian citizen. This simply means that foreigners are stripped of the right to find an Indonesia property for sale.

On the other hand, foreigners have the right to use properties. This is still explained in the Agrarian law of the country. This is also the same as the 'Right to Rent'.

Foreigners are allowed to rent for as long as they also follow the standard leasing agreement.

Although it is prohibited to actually purchase a headhunter Indonesia real estate for sale, when it comes to foreign investment, there is no limitation. This is specifically discussed in the Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 77 of 2007.