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Is Exterior Wood Siding A Great Siding Option?

Cedars can be grown and controlled in abundance. Therefore, wood panels for the exterior of any house can be mass-produced. With advances in wood use underlined by this responsible approach, homeowners can continue to install wood panels so they can show off the natural grains that really make up the exterior.

Wood panels offer a wider variety of styles and designs for home exteriors. If you want to give your home a truly rustic look, wall cladding can grab your attention. Show off the thick-cut knot on this outer cladding while adding extra insulation to your home. You can get to know more about wood siding and it’s price via

17 Different Types of Wood Siding for Home Exteriors

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You can also view other exterior wood cladding solutions from a long list of options. Take a tour if the architectural style of your home or neighborhood calls for it. Another option of a rough finish versus an upholstery that evokes the image of early settler construction is wood and plank exterior cladding elements.

Many alternative wallcovering products such as aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement and others have done their best to include the look, feel and color of the wood in their offerings. And even though they have worked wonders with their individual materials, they still can't come close to the diversity and authenticity of real wood. 

With wood, you have the sealing flexibility to protect your home while showing all its attractive properties. Also, unlike the color restrictions of some alternative products, you can paint without color restrictions.