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Important Information About Becoming More Resilient

Some people possess these skills naturally with personality traits that help them remain insurmountable in the face of challenges. However, this behavior is not just an inherited trait found in a select few. 

Sustainability is the result of a complex set of internal and external traits, including genetics, physical fitness, mental health, and environment. You can also get information about sustainability coaching for nurses through the web.

Resilience Training for Nurses

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Fortunately, resilience is something you can build in yourself and your children. There are steps you can take to become more resilient. Sustainable people can view negative situations realistically, but in a way that doesn't focus on blame or think about what can't be changed.

You can also use this approach to help children cope better with challenges. Encourage them to think about challenges in a more positive and hopeful way. 

This way, instead of sinking into a cycle of negative emotions, your child can learn to perceive these events as opportunities to challenge themselves and develop new skills.

Looking for support

Talking about your difficulties won't go away, but sharing with a supportive friend or loved one can make you feel like you have someone close, which can help you build resilience.

To help your child build a support network, try teaching good social skills like sharing feelings, empathy, cooperation and help, and gratitude – and don't forget to reinforce your child's good behavior. 

With increased resistance, there is less stress and better performance. But what can help build resilience in one person may not be the same in another.