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How to Grow Envy Mushrooms Indoors

Growing envy mushrooms is a fun and easy way to get your kick on. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your mushroom cultivation endeavors, growing envy mushrooms is a great option. Envy mushrooms are difficult to cultivate but well worth the trouble. 

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Here are few tips on how to grow envy mushrooms indoors:

1. Choose the right substrate. Envy mushrooms prefer a mixture of sawdust and straw, so make sure you have some of each on hand before starting your cultivation project.

2. Keep the temperature steady. Ambient temperatures for mushroom cultivation should be between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremes of heat or cold will kill your mushrooms prematurely.

3. Make sure the humidity is high. Envy mushrooms like high levels of humidity, so make sure your growing area is well-watered and kept moist at all times.

4. Feed and water regularly. Like most fungi, envy mushroom colonies will grow rapidly if they are given the proper nutrients and moisture in their environment. 

The Benefits of Growing Envy Mushrooms Indoors

There are many benefits to growing envious mushrooms indoors, such as saving on expenses, having more control over the mushroom crop, and having a consistent product. 

Here are few benefits of growing envy mushrooms indoors:

1. Saving on Expenses: Envy mushrooms require very little care once they are established, which makes them a great option for those looking to save money. For example, a single 2-liter fruiting chamber can produce up to 2 ounces of fresh mushrooms each week, compared to the 3-4 ounces you would get from wild specimens.

2. Having More Control Over the Mushroom Crop: Indoor cultivation allows you to precisely control the environment in which your mushrooms grow, which can result in a more consistent product. This is especially important for those who want high-quality mushrooms free of flaws, like misshapen caps or off-flavor profiles.