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How To Choose An Auto Body Repair Shop

You want to find a shop that does the job right. It doesn't matter if it takes some effort to find one. Your vehicle will benefit in the long-term if you do this. These are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best auto repair shop

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Reputation – How does the Better Business Bureau rate the body shop? Are they even registered? Are there any complaints about their customer service, payment processing, or quality? What are the reviews on Yelp and Google? Are there many negative reviews or positive reviews? Are the positive reviews "fake", a few words praising the shop but not much else? It's important to research the reputation of a body shop before you go.

Appearance – While you might think that you cannot judge a book by its covers, it's not true for an auto body shop. How does the shop look? Are the cars old and worn out? Or is it clean and presentable? Are the vehicles in the shop older or more worn than newer models? Is the equipment in disrepair or in good shape? Although appearance is not everything, a well-maintained, clean body shop will indicate that technicians and owners are professional.

Parts – Ask about the used parts before you give your car away. Do they intend to install after-market parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts, which are made by the same company that built your vehicle, with top-notch quality? It is important to choose a body shop that only installs the highest-quality parts for your vehicle.