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How To Change Your Baby On The Portable Changing Mat?

The portable changing mat is the perfect to-go baby gear. It's easy to transport, and it has a space for both you and your baby to change. Plus, it's a great place to keep your baby safe while you're doing other things. One can also get more insights about portable changing mats via Here are four tips for using the portable changing mat:

  • Make sure the mat is large enough for your baby and yourself. The mat should be at least 18 inches wide by 24 inches long.

  • Keep the mat clean. machine washable with cold water and mild soap, or hand-wash with a gentle detergent and mild soap; air dry

  • Place the mat near an open window or door so your baby can enjoy the breeze while you change him or her.

  • When you're finished changing your baby, fold up the mat and place it in its storage case.

When you are out and about with your little one, it's important to have the right baby gear with you. One of the most essential pieces of baby gear is a portable changing mat. 

Not only does this make changing diapers and washing clothes easier, but it also prevents dirt and bacteria from spreading across surfaces in your car or home. If you're looking for the perfect to-go changing mat, be sure to check out the online selection!